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Apr 09, 2022
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Jumptap has received over five United States patents on their developments in the past year and will surely remain a force to be reckoned with among the competition. Recently, Jumptap partnered with Cyber Communications, Inc. (CCI). As Japan's leading media representative company, CCI will be the only partner in Japan offering Jumptap advertising technology. CCI is owned by Japan's Dentsu, Inc., and plans to invest heavily in Jumptap. Jumptap is aware that mobile apps are making it possible to reach targeted audiences more effectively, and have initiated their Passport to Freedom initiative orchestrated to provide increased revenue possibilities for the mobile app email list developers. As mobile applications become more prevalent, it will become increasingly difficult for the developers to compete with large companies' substantial developing budgets. It should come as no surprise that Google has a foothold in the mobile marketing game. Google's Admob was started in 2006 by a developer looking to remove the roadblocks to engaging users. Now, Admob has become one of the largest players in mobile marketing by investing in cutting edge technology and snatching up the most talented developers. With Google's notoriety, it is understandable why companies like Ford, Paramount Pictures, and P&G have used their marketing tools. Admob provides business models for companies looking to monetize and serves over a billion ads per month!

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