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 Gfy racing

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GFY Racing has been making a name for itself ever since the start. We are a small team based out of Western New York just trying to have a blast at the track, while also laying down some numbers. Over the course of 7 years with this car we have received a lot of recognition, and have put the best of the best into the car to become competitive. Click "Sponsors & Crew" at the top or the button below to meet the crew! 


A little bit about us..

We’ve Got Team GFY

We are a racing team that is out there just having fun. The part we love most about racing is spending time with amazing people and have a blast running a super badass car. Half way through the 2022 season we switched over to an MSR 4.8 Noonan Hemi with a C-Screw sitting on top. We are currently running east-coast races in series' such as PDRA, NEOPM,  Etc. Be sure to check out our upcoming events at the top of this page under the "events" tab to stay updated on when and where we will be racing!

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