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A special thanks to the folks that sponsor and help us make this possible!

-  MSR Performance 

- GeForce Race Cars

- NAPA Auto Parts

-VP Racing Fuels

- JRI Shocks

- Superior Lubricants 

- Shields Windshields 

- ProJack

- Kryptonite Customs

- Wicked Graphics 

- Justin Carmack 

- Buffalo Tiki Tours

-Dr. Trailer Repair 

Meet The Crew!!

David Texido, GFY Racing Driver
Hunter Texido, GFY Racing Crew Chief

-  David Texido (Driver / Owner)

-  Hunter Texido (Crew Chief)


- Jon Dingey (Crew)

- Marty Remmes (Crew)

Please Note:

As a family owned racing team we are always looking and welcoming new sponsors to the team. Sponsorship perks can range from getting your name put on social media ads, talked about during interviews, and even your name on the car. If you are interested in becoming the next GFY Racing sponsor please contact us using either the phone number at the bottom of the site or using the "contact us" box on the "Home" page. 

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